Upcoming Trips

March 2020 - Ireland

May 2020 - Italy

June 2020 - Alpine Europe

Guided Trips - Join me and two other travelers for a small group, slow travel, back roads holiday. European destinations.

  • Three guests plus myself allow for one rental car, two rooms, and ample opportunities to explore. Plan for slow meals, afternoon wine and cappuccino every morning. If you are looking for a raging sight-seeing, check all of the boxes trip, I am not the guide for you.

Travel Consulting - I can help you plan your next trip.

  • Email me for consulting prices.

Travel Companion - I can join you on your trip. I'll plan it for you, just sit back, relax and enjoy. 

  • I will plan all the details and take you on your dream trip. You cover the cost of my trip and yours.


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May 2019

Kathryn, Tammy, Katie


Tracy and Alicia

April 2019

V. Estelle Travel Trip


Christine Joy Painting

October 2017

V. Estelle Travel Trip

France - Italy


May 2017




Italy 24 days - May 2015

"I traveled with Valerie Rogers to Italy.  We had probably the best trip ever.  I really didn't know her.  I had only golfed with her a few times.  She did all the planning, booked all the hotels and did all  the driving.  It was a fantastic trip and I would recommend her to anyone."

Jean and I golf at the same club. One fall day we were coming off of the tee box on hole 11, working our way down the fairway when she said, "I just really want to go to Italy." I said, can you fly over in May, I'll be winding up a trip to France, and she said yes. 

We spent three weeks checking off her bucket list of Italy sights. Rome, St. Peters Basilica, Vatican, Assisi, Venice, Cinque Terre, Pisa, Lucca, Tuscany region. I drove the whole way, and it was magical to see her see these locations for the first time. 







Cruise to Turks & Caicos  - November 2015

"I have traveled with Valerie Rogers on a six day Caribbean cruise and she is a wonderful travel partner. She loves wine, food and people. Also very easy to travel with.  We had only know each other casually through a ladies group and when at a event she asked if anyone wanted to go on a cruise with her of course I said yes ! Had to book fast as it was a special deal and by day’s end she had us booked on flights and a cruise out of Florida. Loved my travel time with Valerie and note- - - I’m old enough to be her mother!"

I would say this is pretty close. We were at at ladies day and Linda said, "all I want to do is drink wine and travel" and I replied with, what are you doing in November, want to fly to Florida? She said yes, and in about 24 hours we had our cruise booked and plans secured. It was an effortless trip. We were often mistaken for mother/daughter.