27th Ann, one night away 5.4.17

It's incredibly hard to imagine our lives 27 years ago. It was a 90 degree scorcher for May and the little 20 and 22 year olds that we were, said I Do.  

Today, our lives are not defined by celebrating special days as though they are the moments to live for, but to celebrate every day together, and the "special days" just roll right into life.  

Marriage is not easy, but it's also not hard if you commit, support, be patient, and spend ridiculous amounts of time together. 

I am NO expert, but I am asked often what is a good secret to marriage? We always say the same thing, spend time together. Travel without the kids. Make time. It doesn't have to break the bank, it doesn't have to be epic. Make the little moments  epic by simply doing them. 

Different stages of marriage offer different opportunities. For the empty nest life, we choose to have coffee together, by candlelight and often classical music, every day. We may even get up earlier to do this which is difficult at times. It's the number one thing I miss when I travel. Number two is my cat. Sorry kids. 



27th Anniversary. May the 4th be with you.  



Forced MC to get a McMenamins Passport. First stamp: Roseburg!  



Made our way from Southern Oregon to Bend.  


Found a sign that said Michael, est 1986, his grad year from high school.  

ps. He's never actually been to Cabo Wabo, haha. Free shirt from a company trip in March. #classy #hesallmineladies


South Bend Bistro, in Sun River, OR. Chef Jeremy Buck is amazing. 

Favorite dinner view.  

Dont buy me gifts. Buy me a two to three hour slow dinner and I will love you forever. My happiest of places is enjoying art plated by chefs and raising a glass of wine. Add white linen and candles and, boom, you have me. 



Carried in our 2011 Roads End, by Dave Grooters. Special wine for special times .



Shrimp and lobster. Give me pasta, always.  



We may or may not have brought some 2011 Brooks Pinot Noir and put it in our Passport stamp winning tumblers to sit by the fire. 


Old Saint Francis, a McMenamins hotel, has the most spectacular soaking pool. It's a luxurious at it looks.